Our primary business is recycling construction site debris from job sites, demolition sites, remodels and residential homes. Our processing facilities recycle 100% of the clean wood and drywall materials we receive. Once recycled into new products, we ship recycled gypsum and paper products to manufacturing and agricultural companies throughout the Northwest.


Drywall waste accounts for 11% by volume and 26% by weight of construction debris.
Wood waste accounts for 24% by volume and 42% by weight.
If you factor drywall waste at 20% of the square footage of drywall hung, waste for one house would weigh 1.38 tons!

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Actually, our name doesn't say it all.... We recycle more than just drywall....

We are a Seattle and King County Designated Recycling Facility

About Us

We started Drywall Recycling Services Inc. as environmentally passionate people who knew they could find a way to reduce the amount of construction debris being dumped into our landfills. Our creative and ingenious people paved the way for developing innovative ways to scrap, collect, and recycle construction debris and drywall materials. Our goal is to become one of the largest construction waste recycling companies in America and be recognized as a leader in the recycling community.
Drywall Recycling Services is a Wyoming corporation based in Bothell, WA and was incorporated in May 2009. The staff has over 30 years experience in the recycling industry. Our daily mission is to keep construction waste out of our landfills. With a wide range of customized recycling services for commercial and residential construction sites, we're making a positive impact on the community and the environment.