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Actually, our name doesn't say it all.... We recycle more than just drywall....

We are a Seattle and King County Designated Recycling Facility

Scale House Attendant  

* Weighing hauling companies in and out of our recycling facility
* Keeping track of their loads and what recyclable materials they bring
* Completing paper work on loads
* Answering phones
* Interacting with customers and fellow employees
* Keeping inventory of snacks and drinks supplied for drivers
* Keeping snacks and drinks well stocked
* Cleaning scale house (sweeping, vacuuming, wiping things down)

Safety gear (hard hat, high-visibility vest, boots, gloves), brooms, and shovels

The Dictionary of Occupational Titles indicates required work/training experience of anything beyond a short demonstration and up to and including 30 days. The employer requires that one be of 18 years of age or older for this position and ability to lift 50 pounds occasionally.


The position of Sorter is responsible for visually inspecting materials on conveyor belt. The Sorter will obtain two assigned materials (sheetrock, cardboard, electrical wiring, aluminum, wood, plastic, metal or precious metals) and place these items into their designated recycling slides. The recycling slides allow the commodity to fall below the conveyor belt into assigned recycling bins.

Machines, Tools, Special Equipment, Personal Protective Equipment Used: Company truck with ramp (26,000 gvw capacity) – usually assigned to one truck and would on seldom basis use spare truck if maintenance required. Cell phone, map book, fuel card, fluid checking equipment, car washing equipment/supplies, tack hammer, floor paper, razor knife, broom, extended dust pan, garbage bag or can, drop light with extension cord (for use in the winter), hard hat, safety vest, masks, safety glasses and gloves.

Valid driver’s license (non-CDL), no major driving infractions and must be insurable. Only require basic English skills for understanding job assignment and speak English as a second language.


Pick up company truck at yard in Seattle (Lead drives), check fluids – and top off if necessary, will fuel trucks in morning or at end of shift, inform company mechanic of any possible maintenance needs, will wash truck once a week and maintain the inside cleanliness of the vehicle on a daily basis, work in 2-3 person crews, drive to different work sites – all new construction residential or commercial (may work at one site or multiple sites in one shift), pick up drywall scrap, clean debris, load truck with drywall scrap/debris, tack down floor paper after drywall scrap/debris removed, deliver drywall scraps/debris to two possible company recycling sites (one at same location as truck yard), will return truck to yard at end of the shift, attend monthly safety meeting and bi-weekly safety status check.

Machines, Tools, Special Equipment, Personal Protective Equipment Used

Job Qualifications/Skills

Essential Functions

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Drywall Recycling Services is always looking for new employees to add to our growing team. Check out the bulletin board below and submit an application for the job that interests you. You may download the Job Application, print, complete each section in ink, and drop by our office, or send in the mail.